POBR was awarded “Poland: Now” Emblem

The Polish Road Safety Observatory at Motor Transport Institute was awarded the non-commercial “Poland: Now” Emblem in the Competition for Innovative Projects. The ceremony of the 15th edition of the Polish Promotional Emblem took place at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw on June 9, 2022. “Poland: Now” Emblem is awarding a group of best products and services, which thanks to their quality, technology, and functionality, stand out in the market and can be a model for others.

The competition is organized by the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation which promotes modern methods of production and management as well supports companies operating on the Polish market in building and strengthening their brands. The non-commercial “Poland: Now” Emblem has been held since 1992 under the honorary patronage of President of the Republic of Poland. The best initiatives are selected by the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation under the direction of professor Michał Kleiber.

For many years, the “Poland: Now” Emblem has been one of the most recognizable promotional signs in Poland. Every year, more than 70% of consumers declare that they know “Poland: Now” Emblem. According to the latest research carried out by the Market Research and Analysis Center (ASM), nearly 72% of the respondents saw the “Poland: Now” Emblem on products or services. “Poland: Now” Emblem is associated with the high quality of products and services.

The Polish Road Safety Observatory was awarded “Poland: Now” Emblem as the first institution in Poland, which collected comprehensive, consistent, uniform and verified data from various databases enabling comprehensive analysis of road risks. This is the only place where several dependencies and connections between various factors influencing road traffic safety can be analysed simultaneously. All government and local municipalities institutions as well as other parties interested in road traffic safety have constant, open and convenient access to data collected at POBR. POBR gives open access and a lot of analysis opportunities for all institutions, universities, media and society, it has also English language version too.

The POBR’s IT system is open and ensures the development and expansion of the warehouse’s content with new databases for better analysis of the causes of road accidents. The innovation has also an international nature, it enables direct transmission of Polish’ data on road accidents to international databases.

To basics and strong advantages of the Polish Road Safety Observatory belongs:

  • very broad analytical possibilities
  • many tools gathered in one place enabling the presentation of the results of analysis in various forms
  • the ability to export the results to various popular file formats
  • free access for professionals, media and citizens.
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