Bronze Laurel of Innovation for the Polish Road Safety Observatory

The Polish Road Safety Observatory at Motor Transport Institute was awarded a Bronze Laurel of Innovation in the Stanislaw Staszic’ Competition. The aim of the Stanisław Staszic’ Competition is to promote modern, innovative products and their creators and to implement innovative solutions contributing to the development and competitiveness of the Polish economy. The competition is addressed to companies, business, and scientific-research entities whose innovative products should develop the Polish economy.

During ceremonial Gala of the Stanisław Staszic’ Competition which held on 28 of April 2022 in Warsaw Motor Transport Institute received the BRONZE LAUREL OF INNOVATION for the design and implementation of the Polish Road Safety Observatory. POBR was awarded for innovative development as a unique project in Poland. POBR is one of the first Road Safety Observatories in European Union, established according to the pattern of European Road Safety Observatory, ERSO. The Polish Road Safety Observatory collects all necessary data from different sources/ databases ensuring compatibility between them and the possibility of conducting multi-level analysis. Additionally, the user has easy and free access to the database on the portal. POBR has also English language version too.

POBR is as an analytical tool with enormous potential for traffic safety improving. It allows conducting effective and efficient analysis for reducing number of road accidents and their costs. POBR as a central entity can support comprehensive and coherent road safety management at the governmental and local level. POBR enables analysis of the current situation, identification’ causes of accidents, formulation of goals and action plans, gives examples of effective solutions, enables evaluation of measures taken for reducing the number of fatalities and modification of adopted plans.

POBR’ innovation has also international aspect due to the direct transfer of Polish’ data on road accidents to UE’ databases of CARE and international database of IRTAD. The Polish Observatory is a recognized supplier of data on road accidents in the European Statistical System for EUROSTAT database.


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