The 70th anniversary of ITS

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Motor Transport Institute  (MTI) in the field of scientific and research activity was organized at the Copernicus Science Center.

In addition to the current employees of the Institute, the event was also attended by representatives of the MTI Scientific Council and guests from the supervising Ministry of Infrastructure, including:

  • Ms Małgorzata Kuźma, General Director, Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Mr. Maciej Michałowski, Director of the Minister’s Office, Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Mr. Konrad Romik, Director of the Secretariat of the National Road Safety Council, Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Mr. Andrzej Nejmanowicz, Deputy Director of the Road Transport Department, Ministry of Infrastructure


and members of the ITS Scientific Council appointed by the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of Science:

  • Mr. prof. dr hab. Eng. Tomasz Jałowiec, Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council of ITS, Academy of Martial Arts,
  • Mr. Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector together with Ms. Klaudia Podkalicka, Deputy Chief Road Transport Inspector,
  • Mr. Jerzy Kleniewski, General Counsel at the Ministry of Infrastructure,
  • Mr. Mirosław Czech, Director at the Branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Lublin
  • Ms prof. dr hab. Eng. Jacyna Gołda, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Mr. prof. dr hab. Eng. Dariusz Mazurkiewicz, Lublin University of Technology
  • Mr. prof. dr hab. Eng. Piotr Orliński, Warsaw University of Technology


The ceremony was led by prof. dr hab. eng. Marcin Ślęzak, director of the Motor Transport Institute.

Although 70 years have passed since MTI started its activity, the main statutory tasks, i.e. conducting scientific and research activities for road transport, remain unchanged over time. Currently, the Institute is active in several areas that can undoubtedly be called flagship. They include tasks particularly important for planning and implementing state policy, the implementation of which is necessary to ensure, public security and improving the quality of life of citizens. In many of these areas, the Motor Transport Institute is a national leader and has competences unique in Poland. The experience and results of work gained over several decades, the staff and laboratory facilities that are unique on a national scale make the Institute a valued and recognizable scientific and research unit not only in Poland, but also in Europe, providing substantive support to public administration, including all the ministry responsible for the shape and condition of Polish transport the ministry responsible for transport. On this occasion, I would like to pay special attention to the contribution to the above-mentioned achievements of former and current ITS employees (including my predecessors), without whom I would not be able to boast of numerous achievements today, and the Institute would remain only a building. On this occasion, I would like to thank all of you, Colleagues, for the work that you bring every day for the benefit of our community, the Institute and the whole of Poland – said prof. Marcin Ślęzak.

The statements and wishes of the distinguished guests were supplemented by a multimedia presentation prepared by prof. dr hab. eng. Marcin Ślęzak, which included, among others history and milestones during 70 years of MTI activity. – Over the course of 70 years, it is difficult to identify a fragment of the road transport sector to the development of which the Institute would not have contributed to a greater or lesser degree. The Institute played a particularly active role, which cannot be overestimated, during the period of political transformation, contributing significantly to the market transformation of the sector and its preparation for functioning on the European Union market – emphasized the director of the Institute and added that today the Motor Transport Institute has 70 years of tradition and experience, a recognized and respected brand in Poland and abroad, qualified scientific and expert staff working in international commissions and expert bodies of the European Union and the United Nations. The Institute is a national leader in many areas, such as: road safety, environmental protection (including electromobility), vehicle approval and technical testing, mobility of people with disability and modern technologies, including autonomous vehicles.
A wide spectrum of unique and long-term research and achievements in the research and development area of the Institute has been appreciated and awarded, during the Jubilee celebrations, the distinguished ITS staff was awarded:

A decoration awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland:

  • Gold Medal for Long Service, Silver Medal for Long Service, Bronze Medal for Long Service

A decoration awarded by the minister responsible for transport:

  • Honorary badge “Meritorious for the transport of the Republic of Poland”

A decoration awarded by the ITS Director on the basis of a resolution of the Chapter:

  • Honorary badge “For Merits for the Motor Transport Institute”.


A total of 39 employees of the Motor Transport Institute were decorated and honored with medals.
MTI began its operation in 1952 under the Order of the Minister of Road and Air Transport in September 25, 1951, on the establishment of the Motor Transport Institute.
The area of the Institute’s activity is the territory of the entire country. The research problems that the Institute dealt with over the past nearly 70 years have been constantly changing. These changes resulted from the needs of the national economy and car transport, as well as technical and organizational progress, both in the economy and in transport.

The main thematic areas of ITS activity 2021-2030:

  1. Safety in transport and road traffic
  2. Climate impact
  3. Computerization of transport
  4. Economics of road transport


Within the four distinguished areas, the following are complementary to them:

  • innovative construction and material solutions as well as new technologies in road transport,
  • transport accessibility and mobility of people with special needs, including those with disabilities,
  • standardization, certification, approval and conformity assessment,
  • education and preventive actions.


More info:,pl,Jubileusz-70-lecia-ITS.html

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