Poland wins international road safety PIN Award

For the first time in history Poland wins 2023 Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Award. The PIN Award is granted annually by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) to a country with the most impressive road fatalities reductions and other factors greatly contributing to the improvement of road safety.

Over the last decade 2012-2022 Poland reduced road deaths by 47%, while the EU average reduction was 22%. Other key elements which contributed to the decision of the ETSC panel of experts to award this year’s prize to Poland (in addition to the road deaths reduction) include:

  • Poland’s comprehensive National Road Safety Programme 2021-2030 which sets targets to cut both deaths and serious injuries by 50%;
  • A large-scale four-year Safe Road Infrastructure Programme;
  • Expansion of the speed camera and time-over-distance camera network;
  • An increase in drink-driving enforcement checks of 19% on average each year between 2010 and 2019;
  • Introduction of the “emergency corridor” system of enabling emergency vehicles to access collision sites on motorways.


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