Terms of Use

Map of road accidents is available on the Portal (website) along with the database of accidents and statistics. After accepting Terms of Use you have access to the interactive map. The Map is equipped with filtering mechanism which allow to get required data on road accidents across Poland since 2010, as well as basic indicators needed for road safety analysis.
Required data can be downloaded from the tables generated on the map’ page (formats: json, xml, csv, txt, MS-Excel, pdf). It is also possible to display detailed description for each accident. 


  1. Terms of Use define the rules of use road accidents interactive map (hereinafter referred to as the Map), which is available as part of the portal www.obserwatoriumbrd.pl/en (hereinafter referred to as the Portal).
  2. Using the Map means acceptance of these Terms of Use without objections.
  3. Administrator of the Portal along with the Map is the Motor Transport Institute – Polish Road Safety Observatory (POBR).
  4. Data on road accidents come from Police Database SEWiK – Accident and Collision Register, Central Statistical Office of Poland, Central Registry of Vehicles and Drivers, General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. Motor Transport Institute is not responsible for any errors in those data.
  1. Data presented on the Map are available free of charge.
  2. When using data from the Map, User is obliged to give source of origin: Motor Transport Institute – Polish Road Safety Observatory www.obserwatoriumbrd.pl/en
  3. Map’s resources may be used for non-commercial purposes. For commercial purposes Map’s resources may be used after obtaining permission from the Map’s Administrator. To obtain above permission, please send an application by whom and for what purpose those data will be used. Application should be sent to the Map’s Administrator by e-mail: info@obserwatoriumbrd.pl
  4. Data on the Map may be used only for the purpose of road safety analysis. The map presented on the Polish Road Safety Observatory website is for illustrative purposes only and cannot be treated as an official document. Nor can it be the basis for any administrative or official activities. The Motor Transport Institute is not responsible for analysis and conclusions prepared on the basis of data presented on the website: www.obserwatoriumbrd.pl/en
  5. Terms of Use may be changed at any time and to any extent. Changes are effective from the moment they are published on the Portal/website. The User should immediately familiarize himself with the changes, as the use of the Portal’s resources after such announcement constitutes acceptance of the new content of the Terms of Use.
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