Safety Tunes, a youth project for road safety

Project engages young people on an emotional level, to create a sustainable awareness for life-affirming and responsible behavior on the road. Road Traffic Safety Centre is a Polish partner in consortium of 8 European countries realising Safety Tunes project between 2015-2017.

Safety Tunes provides innovative road safety actions for a new generation of young drivers: Safety Tunes strikes new paths in creating awareness about responsibility on the road. The project develops new methodology that incorporates social-art, peer-education, emotion and social media. The general outcome should be to improve road safety by reducing young accidents, injuries, and fatalities of young drivers by raising awareness for a responsible and social behavior in traffic.

In each of the 8 partner countries of the project, from 20 to 60 workshops will be conducted by Safety Tunes teams in selected regions. Total 3 500 students will take part in all workshops. In Poland they will be held in the Mazovian Voivodeship.

The best and most effective artistic projects (selected via social media and by the jury – selection criteria developed during the project) will be entered into the national competition, and the winners will compete against their peers in the European competition. The Safety Tunes methodology will also be transferred to 5 selected institutions in EU countries not participating in the project.

The Motor Transport Institute is additionally responsible for the entire task package concerning the assessment of the impact of classes on students’ attitudes towards road safety problems and the assessment of the training process using the Safety Tunes methodology.

Source: European Road Safety Tunes

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