Centre for Road Safety Education at the Motor Transport Institute

Poland as a member of the European Union has one of the highest numbers of road fatalities. Because road safety education is one of the key elements of citizens’ health and life protecting it was decided to establish at Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw, the Road Safety Education Centre (CEBR in Polish: Centrum Edukacji Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego). This is a type of centre with an interactive education popular today where visitors are involved in practical and experimental activities.

The purpose of establishing the Road Safety Education Centre is to provide knowledge in a more effective and attractive form. Creating positive attitudes and learning appropriate skills of road users through high-quality classes in the field of road safety is addressed to the needs of various groups of recipients. The long-term effect of CEBR’s activity should be road safety improvement in Poland with drop of number of fatalities and injuries resulting better ranking in EU. The indirect goal is to strength the road safety education and this type of education provided at schools.

Unique of the CEBR is that classes, divided into academic and practical parts, are fully adapted to the needs of students according to subject, duration and number of participants.

In the Road Safety Education Centre are used interactive exhibitions and activating teaching methods. Students of primary and secondary schools, students and drivers aged 50+ attended pilot classes between 2017-2018. Classes were conducted at the Road Safety Education Centre in lecture halls and diagnostic station located in the Motor Transport Institute.

Students participating in classes at the Road Safety Education Centre were inspired to engage in road risks’ understanding to take responsibility for their own and others road users’ safety.

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